Security services for your ICT and digital assets

FrameSecure provides clarity, insight and hands-on delivery of security services to protect your organisation’s sensitive information, ICT systems and digital services.
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Risk assessment

Ensure your organisations best assets are protected. Frame Secure provides Cybersecurity Assessments which identify any potential gaps and areas of weakness within your organisations current security state. Assessments are backed by a Security methodology which incorporates a comprehensive range of emerging global standards and best practises.

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Technical services

Secure and resilient infrastructure supports productivity and helps to drive the business activity that underpins the overall success of an organisation. Frame Secure provides a range of technical services to ensure organisations have the appropriate infrastructure security controls in place.

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Governance, Compliance and Assurance

At the heart of every Business and IT process there is an element of Governance, Compliance and Assurance measures which need to be considered. Frame Secure provides consulting and strategy services to support your organisation in closing the gaps between corporate governance, outsourcing, policy development and enterprise risk management.

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Security as a service

Security is not a onetime set and forget exercise. Frame Secure can help ensure your organisation is continually secure through either our Total Security Care package, or a solution tailored to your unique needs.

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Because Frame's expertise spans the project lifecycle, we can help you at any or all stages — from vision and strategy, through design and implementation, into operation and support.

At whatever stage you involve us, the focus is on creating solutions that are achievable and sustainable to provide tangible value for your business.


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Established in 2000 to address the demand for independent, high-quality ICT services to enterprises in the Asia-Pacific region, Frame provides the insight and clarity needed to excel in today’s challenging business environment.  

Our business focus, experience and proven lifecycle approach distinguish us from other ICT and digital services companies. Our technology skills, experience and capabilities distinguish us from other consulting firms.

From vision to realisation and operation, we’re well-versed in all aspects of the project lifecycle. We know how to use and deploy technology as an enabler for business, with hands-on experience delivering projects of all sizes and complexities.

Frame has in-depth market knowledge and experience within select industries. This, combined with Frame's business acumen and ICT know-how, means you get the clarity you require to make the business improvements you want.


By developing and managing your strategic change implementation programs, we help you deal with digital disruption and take advantage of the opportunities it presents for digital transformation.


By enabling smarter use of your digital services and your ICT systems and infrastructure, we help boost your competitive advantage and assist you to achieve productivity improvements.


By streamlining your services and processes, as well as implementing as-a-service solutions, we help you reduce costs and better align your ICT and digital services to your business requirements.

FrameSecure is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Frame Group Pty Limited, Australia.

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